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Ground or air solutions for urgent at International Couriers Services we cater for time-sensitive shipments. We provide same-day delivery services within cities and between cities. When you need immediate delivery of recurring orders, both you and your customers can rely on Ace Courier Services for scheduled delivery fulfillment.Through years of experience,Our Courier Services has developed industry-specific transportation and logistics solutions. Have a unique shipping need. Require logistics services support,International Courier Services offers a variety of support services for all types of specialized delivery and logistical needs. The fastest, most reliable, door-to-door day-definite delivery service across India for documents and small shipments under 32 kgs per package and We provide same-day delivery services within cities and between cities.

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International Courier Services can collect your package any day you want; we can even collect on the same day as booking.When you book a collection from your own address, the labels and shipping docs are printed on screen as soon as you complete payment. They are also emailed to you along with guidelines on what to do with the documents. But a summary of what’s requires is Print the labels off and affix one to each parcel in the shipment. If there are any spare labels give them to the collecting courier. If your shipping outside the EU, there will be 5 copies of the customs invoice produced, give 2 to the driver and affix the other 3 to the first parcel in your shipment. Finally there will be a ‘shipment receipt’ for the driver to sign, however the driver may refuse to sign this as it’s at their discretion.

Delivery Service Options

Each area has different services available; the Quick Quote shows you all the available service options for your shipment. The quick quote will show you the delivery date, time and cost for each service, all you need to do is choose which best suits you! Here follows a summary of the services available.If you are organising a parcel collection from an address other than your own it’s important to have a contact person at the collection address who will be able to print the shipping documents and affix them to the parcel for you. When booking the collection you will be required to enter this contact person’s email address and contact details, and it’s important that you check with your contact that they have received the shipping labels on their email, and that the parcel is ready for pick up, to avoid any failed collections.


International Courier Services gets it there faster. International Courier Services can deliver to the destination.Our couriers will provide you with secure, professional representation. Our systems software is cutting edge with password protected online order entry, email pod confirmations, e-billing as well as many other numerous features. When calling on Flash, one soon realizes there is no alternative for local courier with higher service standards than Flash Courier. We look forward to being put to the test, performing our part in contributing to your success. For a free consultation of how we can improve your service and offer you exceptional value, give our Sales Department a call @ +91 40 24609107, +91 40 66252261.


International Courier Services can deliver to most destinations on pre 9, 10:30 or 12pm delivery. All International Courier Services timed delivery services come with a free money back guarantee. The feature shows you all the available services available to your destination.Non-StopA.S.A.P. without any stops en route. (20 min). DirectPickup and deliver within 30min RushPickup and deliver within 60min RegularPickup and deliver within 2hrs EconoCall in by 11:00am for same-day delivery.After hour services Normal business hours Monday to Friday 7:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m,After hour delivery including weekends and Statutory holidays. (surcharges apply).Warehourse Services fully secured,functional warehousing (availability dependent Pick and Pack service Controlled Inventory.


If you’re sending a heavy shipment, it might be cheaper to send it on our economy service. When you get a quote, each service shows the cost and delivery date, you simply choose the service that best suits your budget. Flash is truly committed to upholding the highest of service standards when only the best is acceptable. Our dedication is unsurpassed and we guarantee customer satisfaction. We are professionals that realize the importance of deadlines, servicing amongst others, Vancouver’s top Law, Accounting, Architectural, Engineering firms, Government, Schools and Universities, Financial Institutions and Construction companies. We are the courier of choice when only the best will do.

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