Who Are We?

International Couriers is a privately owned By Indian Company based at Hyderabad where we have access to all major road networks as well as access to Major International Airports.
International y Courier’s success comes from specialising on one critical area – the handling of emergency shipment, and for the special demands of the aircraft industry, we provide the highest level of service.We provide a 24/7, 365 days a year service because we know business doesn’t stop for Bank Holidays and Festivals and with that in mind, we can provide a tailored service to meet YOUR requirements.
Communication is key to what we do, but we also believe effectiveness is just as important as efficiency and to be effective, we concentrate on understanding each customer’s specific requirements.

Why Choose Us?

  • Pick Up Immediately
  • On Call Booking
  • Same Day Delivery
  • Door-to-Door Service
  • Call Back
  • Distribution Services
  • On board Courier
  • Aircraft Charter

Our Mission

Dedicated to providing a professional quality courier service.We have always viewed our customers as partners; we understand their logistical and business requirements. The bigger the problem the more successful our solutions will be. Over the years we have been able to create partnerships with many prominent companies and we are determined that this will continue into the future.
With an accurate understanding of our customers’ requirements, we are better placed to manage both costs and resource utilisation, anticipate surprises and model potential business scenarios.

Our Competencies

Our Customers rely on same day courier services that are fast and worry-free.Our year to date statistics indicate that our on-time delivery performance exceeds .Professionally trained staff & couriers understand the extreme sensitivity and the time critical nature of the shipments they carry. Our extensive fleet and advanced courier technology allow us to improve turn-around times and reduce courier related expenses.

Our Vision

Develop and provide premium, reliable, timely and innovative courier services to all our customers and partners.Provide customized courier solutions through our competencies, systems and networks.

Nurture and sustain courier boutique services with all corporate customers through unique personal touch.Cultivate and nourish conducive working and learning environment for our people through teamwork and shared values.Constantly strive to be a caring corporate citizen by supporting nation building and community services.